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Pallet Mask Two-Sided Adhesive

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Pallet Mask Two-Sided Adhesive Description

Maximize production capability with Pallet Mask High Tack... the special adhesive lasts though longer production runs, it protects pallets & eliminates the need for Spray adhesive!
Hold T-shirts and other textiles securely on the pallet with Pallet MaskTM High Tack adhesive. Equal high tack adhesive on both sides of the cloth has very strong hold. Pallet Mask securely holds textiles in register while printing. It helps to avoid wrinkles and misprints.

Simply cut to size, put in place on the pallet and remove protective sheet to adhere. Pallet Mask's adhesion remains strong during flash curing for continued exact print registration. Simply wipe the adhesive surface off with water to remove any accumulation of lint, and once is dry, your surface is ready for production.

Pallets do not need protection paper when covered with Pallet Mask. Also, using pallet Mask will eliminate the labor and cost of spray adhesives and cleaning.