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Jet-Kleen™ Blow-Off Gun

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Jet-Kleen™ Blow-Off Gun Description

The Jet-Kleen™ series of blow-off guns can be safely used on any person, surface, component or anywhere in the work environment where fibers, dust and water may need to be effectively removed.

Because the Jet-Kleen does not use compressed airflow, it can be aimed directly at the whole body, including in direct contact with the skin, making them ideal for personnel cleaning stations.

There are two versions of the Jet-Kleen available:

  • Wall-mounted version (ideal for personnel cleaning station)

  • Portable version that can be used anywhere (for machinery maintenance and manual drying or cleaning processes)

Made from high-grade plastics, the Jet-Kleen has been designed and constructed to survive the toughest working conditions.