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Easy-Stretch Description

The Easy-Stretch™ is a sensibly priced, all-mechanical screen fabric stretching system, designed to save printers, currently buying ready-made screens from outside suppliers, time and money. Compatible with metal or wooden frames and any standard fastening method you choose, the Easy-Stretch system is reliable and easy to use. Even if you have never stretched a screen before, you will be able to achieve professional results by following the simple instructions provided. For extra speed, choose the swivel base (not recommended for units over 48 x 48" - 122 x 122 cm) and Tension Quick speed knob options. Each one of the fourteen available models adjusts easily to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes. Maximum screen tension allows up to 20-25 Newton's ( 20 Newton's on units over 36 x 48" - 92 x 122 cm ), depending on mesh count and other factors. Use A.W.T. Liquid Seal™ fabric to frame adhesive with the Easy Stretch for optimum screen making production.

There are two different types of knobs. Regular ones and the Quick tension type.

With the regular, you stretch the mesh by turning the knobs by hand.

The Quick tension type, are the type that we change out and put a "nut" on the knob's end so you can stretch manually AND using a very low cost electric torque wrench to stretch the mesh, which is much faster.

Adding the quick tension knob feature, will allow faster stretching of larger frames.